Discover Machinima-style 3D filmmaking with Reallusion's powerful engines for real-time previsualization and production. Featuring iClone 1.5 and CrazyTalk 4.5, our next-level animation technology linking with Maya and Max will allow machinimators to complete the pipeline from previsualization to final production.

Get your first-hand experience from our in-booth demonstration on transforming 2D photos to 3D face conversion and character motion editing. The demos will also include quick 3D scene buildup with 3D blocks and multi-texture effects, plus full timeline editing of camera, lighting, props and characters.

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iClone Movie Nominated for Machinima Festival Awards

Congratulations to Hurlook, creator of Reich and Roll, an iClone movie nominated for 2006 Best Visual Design Machinima Award!

"Each day I find new tricks in iClone. It's really an incredibly new way of filmmaking. So Reallusion is not just hypin' a product. What they promise on the site is true, and you can do movies!!!" - Stefano De Carli (Hurlook)

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Reallusion Speaks at Machinima Tech Showcase

Time: Saturday, November 4, 2006, 17:00 to 18:00
Speaker: John Martin, Director of Product Marketing

Hear the insight from Reallusion with discussion and technology demonstration on how to utilize iClone for 3D real-time filmmaking, and see how easy to go from previsualization to final production with iClone and CrazyTalk.

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