BETT 2011 is the largest education technology exhibition that delivers everything new in the industry.
In BETT2011, visitors from all over dropped by to learn more about Reallusion's newest classroom solutions.

Reallusion's iClone4 introduces new features that combine video production with real-time 3D animation. The result is a powerful production tool for motion graphics, 3D animation and video FX for media arts and student broadcasters. Students engage in a real-time creative experience through iClone4's features and content, including 3D sets, VideoFX props and compositing tools. The techniques taught in Reallusion's virtual video graphic suite give school broadcast studios an easy way to implement professional level 3D video FX within a budget that is accessible for any size classroom or studio. This year, CrazyTalk Animator was the biggest attraction as streams of visitors quickly realized how this new tool has literally changed the rules of the game. Authorities, Educators and even 3rd Party companies were amazed to see the powerful capabilities that CrazyTalk Animator delivers in an easy and convenient package. Creating 2D animation has never been this quick and fun as now literally anyone can animate - with amazingly good results every time!

CrazyTalk Animator is the next generation in 2D Animation as it delivers a complete animation production studio with actors, props, scenes, camera and time-line control for precision animation. Now, anyone with the ambition to make their own custom cartoons, e-learning media, short-films or commercials can create studio-level animation with half the effort, a quarter of the time and a fraction of the man power.

Check out the CrazyTalk Animator Demo video & Official Tutorials!
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