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September 2017
CrazyTalk Animator 3 Milestones
For Pipeline Users
New Features - CTA3.2
Turn Animations into Graphic Illustrations
After posing your characters, customizing facial expressions, and swapping outfits & accessories in CTA3, you can then export in PSD layers for re-editing and compositing - saving you lots of effort in your creative process!
Templates for Instant Animation
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Quickly Create Animated Content
With the ability to launch Photoshop and synchronize updates on character layers, you can easily design clothes, alter color shading, and apply filter effects to your animatable assets.
Templates for Instant Animation
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Animated Accessory System
You can apply a chosen item directly to your character's target body part. Or you can freely add animatable accessories and prop items to the right-click menu for trigger animations.
Templates for Instant Animation
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Custom Templates for Free Bone Characters
Now you can create new bone structures for unique creatures, and allow them to share the same motion assets when they contain the same character structure.
ample PSD Projects & Image Sources
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Garry Pye’s MONSTROUS Collection
Garry Pye has created the very first motion pack for Free Bone Actors for CTA 3.2!
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More Features:
  • New grouping rules for exported PSD files. If you add different prefixes to group layers, then CTA will treat these groups differently.
    • Adding "+" in front of group means that all layers will be merged as one group.
    • Adding "-" in front of layers means that the group layer will be ignored.

  • The CTA3.2 also supports large UI and text size for 4K high-resolution monitors.
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Tutorials for CTA3.2
Learn the new PSD export features from 6 new tutorials on how to 'change color shading', 'add clothing to G3 charcters', 'export characters with poses & expressions', and more.
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What Professional Designers are Saying
Digital Illustrator - Kimberly Larmond
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Comic Artist - Veggie Studio
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Shutterstock Vector Artists Join CTA
Sapann Design and M@xim are both popular PSD content creators on Shutterstock. They are turning their unique artworks into CTA contents.
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M@xim CTA Content >  
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