G2 Power Tools vol.1 Content Trailer, and Perform Learning Kit Demo Video
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January 2014
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G2 Power Tools vol.1 Content Trailer

Did you get the new-released CrazyTalk Animator 2? With the supercharge from G2 PowerTools, you'll have the full-set of exchangeable facial and body parts for multi-dimensional character creation.

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Perform Learning Kit Demo Video

By Reallusion

The Perform Learning Kit not only augments your motion assets, but shows you how to learn from professional projects to make your own sweet animations, complete with a sound library!

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The Journey_Promotion 2014

By Rene Jacob

This talented iClone movie director has just released the first trailer for his new western movie "The Journey", which will hopefully be out by Summer 2014.

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Spitfire v 109 Test with 3D Clouds

By Peter Martin

Peter Martin made a test video using high quality content from Quantum Theory Entertainment, including 3D Clouds and Alpine landscape. The result is pretty amazing. Check this one out!

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Basic Character Head Creation

By Reallusion

This tutorial will guide you on how to replace multiple sprites in order to set your character up to be compatible with all of CrazyTalk Animator's facial animation tools. Aside from sprite-based heads, this tutorial also covers morph-based heads.

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Basic Character Body Creation

By Reallusion

In this tutorial, you'll see a very basic example of how you can use the PRO and Pipeline versions of CrazyTalk Animator 2 to create a character from your own images that supports 3 separate angle profiles.

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Material Puppeting with the Avatar Controller

By Reallusion

In this special project tutorial, you'll be guided through a couple of the embedded projects that are included with the Avatar Toolkit 2.Then, you'll see how to quickly apply simple material change settings to create some really cool effects.

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Featured Director - Andre Peisker

Andre Peisker is one of the top sci-fi iClone movie directors. This latest "Endless Space" film trailer is epic. Andre excels at importing high-quality characters from DAZ and animating and rendering them in iClone! Check out his stuff here.

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