What to expect in 2014 + Prime focus on the new tools
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January 2014
CrazyTalk Animator 2
  CrazyTalk Interactive Technologies

1. JavaScript API for Web Developers

The power of CrazyTalk is expanding! The upcoming Interactive Avatar API will let you freely control your avatar, assign talking scripts, and animate background or foreground images to deliver a rich media experience. Soon you will be able to harness the power of CrazyTalk in your own personal on-line avatar presentations, training media, or engaging social web games.
2. Unity Plug-in
This tool is designed to enable easy import of CrazyTalk avatars into any app, giving users full control over the way they interact. Avatars can be placed anywhere in a 3D scene or as pop-up guides in front of the camera. This plug-in is fully compatible with Unity, providing amazing potential for avatar-based human interaction for both mobile apps and console games.

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  CrazyTalk Animator 2 Mac version Is Coming!
CrazyTalk Animator 2_ Mac
The long-awaited CrazyTalk Animator 2 Mac version is also coming in 2014, and with tons of enhancements to boot! Things like a more simplified image-based character creation flow and other handy features that can be use for business presentation or web video marketing make it well worth your while.
  YES! iClone 6
1. Brand-new Dockable QT User Interface
The next iClone release provides a leap forward in usability with a brand new flexible user interface that allows you to detach, move and dock panels to customize your own layout and working style.
2. Big Quality Upgrade from Software Rendering
On top of the real-time engine enhancements, iClone6 will support software rendering via plug-in architecture, giving a totally enhanced look following fine render.
Illustrate The Impact of Depth
3. Natural Soft Cloth to make your movements vivid
The new Soft Cloth physics in iClone 6 make cloth movement more realistic than ever! Designers can use grayscale maps to specify which part of a cloth is controlled by skin-bone and which part is controlled by physics, providing a smooth transition gradient between the two.
4. Tessellation from DirectX11
iClone 6 has a fully rebuilt core engine based on DirectX 11. The combination of GI and deferred lighting present a great visual improvement and as well as much more options for lighting. In addition, the newly added tessellation technology allows designers to use displacement maps to control the mesh detail via GPU rendering.
5. Include Other Latest Technologies

As we mentioned above, iClone 6 is definitely a huge release that you won’t want to miss in 2014. iClone 6 not only offer tons of new features, but also incorporates other leading technologies such as Nvidia’s PhysX , Speedtree 7 and Allegorithmic’s Substance. Stay tuned to learn more on iClone 6’s new development updates.

Please stay tuned with us for the latest news! Share your feedback here.
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