iClone5.31, New Character Bases & Animation Control
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October 2012
Work with the Coolest Character Bases and Animation Controls

iClone5.31 not only helps you with everyday animation productions, but it also comes with fashionable character bases and freshly generated motions! Moreover, now you can expand your own monster troop with the new Avatar Toolkit that provides you with full morph-based facial controls to animate your own ghoulish characters inside iClone5.31.

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1. The Fun of Assembling 2. Expressions with Uncanny

You can simply drag a monster base, assemble body components and change their materials or design the color by yourself!

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With the help of iClone5.31, you can now work with the Monster Workshop to puppeteer your character's facial animations and audio lip-syncs.

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3. Work with a Powerful New Interface

With the Avatar Toolkit you can control your monster's face features including eyes, eyebrows, and ears to create different expressions like surprised, happy, sad and others by simply moving the green control points.

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4. See How it Works 5. Motions that Best Fit your Monster's Characteristics

Want to know how to operate the Avatar Toolkit to create your own monsters? Learn from well-arranged video tutorials or read the easy-to-follow documentation.

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Use 130 monstrous motions to bring your characters to life! Terrify your viewers with Mode Motions, Response Motions, Move Motions, and Attack Motions!

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  Let Loose with the New Content Generation
Rigged Long Hair
Get a long, blonde hairstyle with tousled layers for use with any iClone character. Perfect for any classic, feminine outfits!
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  "This is only a part of an elaborate and ingenious 3D package designed to be used by even the most junior of artists.“ Reallusion is recognized as #25 in the “Top 100 Animation Sites. That's what you Need to Know”. "The most fun I had, was at the iClone booth." “It’s easy to see how it can cut costs and speed up development on a production."  
-Animation Magazine -Animation Career Review -Lynn Walford (Wireless and Mobile News) -MicroFilmmaker Magazine
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