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Sep 2012
  What’s Cool About CrazyTalk7
The brand new CrazyTalk7 is ready for you! It contains all the powerful tools people love from CrazyTalk plus a revolutionary new auto motion engine that allows you to animate with your voice! Check out the demo video and see how CrazyTalk7 helps you create vivid and fast animation.
  See the Great Features of CrazyTalk7
Get to Know the Environment

CrazyTalk7 provides you all the powerful tools people love from CrazyTalk, plus a revolutionary auto motion engine and an innovative yet simple user interface. Watch this tutorial for a quick introduction to the editing environment.

*CrazyTalk7 is available for Mac OS X10.7.0 and above.

Turn Any Image to a Talking 3D Character
Just import your own image, and CrazyTalk7 will intuitively fit it with a facial wireframe. From there, simply follow the facial fitting and 3D orientation process to create life-like characters in no time at all!
Auto Lip-sync from Text, Audio, or even Your Own Voice
You can import audio, use TTS, or even record your own voice with the built-in audio capture feature. On top of that you can also refine the automatic lip-sync further in the timeline.
Give Your Audio a Matching Animation Scenario
CrazyTalk7’s amazing auto motion technology can analyze the tones in your voice to auto-generate natural head and facial movements while you apply different styles to any voice scenario. Learn more from this tutorial and find out how to adjust the strength, threshold, smoothness and spring effects of your character's expressions to determine the level of passion you want in your character's personality.
Customized Puppeteering for Your Character
Puppet your character's animations simply by using a mouse or handheld device. You can choose specific facial muscles to control, or create expressions and head movements while you record audio in real-time.
  Buy Now and Get Incredible Bonus
CrazyTalk7 is now available in the Apple App Store! Get it now at an amazingly affordable price and get some bonus content for free. With hundreds of auto animation templates and styles included in the bonus content, you'll be able to learn from the perfect samples provided and eventually learn how to apply these expressions and emotions to your own characters!
Enrich Your Content Library with Funny Dogs by Kurzal
The monthly freebie comes from this high quality Funny Dogs content pack from Kurzal, which can add more fun into your daily animation! Watch the video and see how Kurzal made facial fitting for Funny Dogs.
Funny Dog
Get the Funny Dog freebie for the month, apply it to any project in CrazyTalk Animator, and give your animation a fun and cute look.
Review & Award
"CrazyTalk has been the best tool for Facial animation on Jimmy Kimmel LIVE for years for a simple reason: the script can always change at the last minute!"
Jesse Griffith, Animator
Jimmy Kimmel Live,
“I LOVE the new CrazyTalk for Mac! It has finally arrived on the right platform for creatives to explore the boundaries of their imagination.“
Eric Rosner
Professional Illustrator
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