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August 2012

  Master Large Scene Story with WarLord’s Top Tips
“A trio of character creation, facial and body-motion animation production and motion capture with exportable results for use with game engines like Unity3D or UDK. Elements easily open in Autodesk 3DS Max or Maya, Maxon Cinema4D or other 3D production environments that support FBX.“
- POST Magazine
Discover this Epic use of iClone (Exclusive)

With this Post Magazine exclusive tutorial, you can not only see what iClone is
capable of, but also see how WarLord uses iClone in combination with Studio
Max, and After Effects to create this awesome scene story.

M. D. McCallum
- a.k.a. WarLord

 “I use iClone in my pipeline every chance I get due to the speed and ease of which a scene can be created and rendered out. Saving time in this industry saves money, and at times can mean a nice bonus. Post products like After Effects, Hit Film and others allow me to blend the output of differing animation engines making a superior final product. Any competent professional animator can pick up iClone and start animating objects on paths, or use the character animation tools in a matter of minutes without ever having seen it before.”

Create Silhouettes for your Crowds

With WarLord, learn to apply silhouette lighting in iClone and use fog, background images and other methods for different looks.
Sneak Peek on Low Poly Peeps Development

You can drag and drop crowds with a single right-click activation for sidewalk crowds, dispersion crowds, milling crowds and military formations.

  How to Purchase Export License Content in 3DXPortal?
Use iClone Embedded Content- Royalty Free!

Once you have your 3DXchange5 Pipeline version, you will have all the rights to export iClone content to any other tools! Let this tutorial guide on how to take iContent, export to FBX format, and use in other software.

Just a reminder, when using iClone content in external projects, please state the original source of the content.

Preview Motions on your Character Before Purchasing Test on the Trial iContent or Learn to Export
See how easily you can search and preview new motions on your own characters in 3DXchange. Go nuts with a huge selection of available motion contents! Last month, we introduced the new 3DXPortal marketplace where you can find all kinds of export-ready content. This month, you can learn to search for different formats, and even try out downloadable assets!
Natural-Sounding TTS Voices  
11 voices, 5 languages at your choice!
Use these high quality TTS voices to generate smooth audio from any written text for iClone or CrazyTalk, or use them in any other applications!
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Let Gwynn dazzle your summer rendering with style which best fits the Physics Toolbox Series - Dune Buggy.
Review & Awards for iClone
“iClone5 PRO is a fantastic, super-amazing, valuable 3D animation program that you and everyone will absolutely love! iClone5 PRO (and Standard) is a phenomenon!”
- Synapse Circuit
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