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June 2012
Commercial Showcases
CrazyTalk Animator delivers a new era in 2D animation, as it has already been recognized as a powerful and practical tool by a wide spectrum of users. A year since its release, CrazyTalk Animator has shown us a lot of entertaining animations from many of our users. But what happens when CrazyTalk is placed in the hands of professionals? Well, we would like to share some video showcases with you, along with user stories to demonstrate how professionals are reaping the benefits with CrazyTalk Animator!
With their emphasis on real-time animation; ITAK Studios has been able to deliver quality, professional animations such as this political satire show. Also, shows like Jimmy Kimmel and the Fox 24 Second News, are also using CrazyTalk for their productions. Check out more videos! iTAK Studios has even been producing educational training videos such as this Esperanto Language training course, which goes to show that CrazyTalk Animator really is the perfect time-saving tool for educators who are interested in animations but have no time for hassles and headaches .
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Want to show off your latest production with CrazyTalk Animator? Well, we’d love to see it and share it with our community of users! Submit your entries here for your chance to expose your work to thousands of users worldwide.

This pilot commercial comes from RhettRo in West Texas, who has pitched an animated advertisement idea to his clients, the Four Seasons Insulation and Siding company. In this pilot commercial, Rhetto composited images and videos with CrazyTalk Animations to create a clever advertising spot.
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Professional Studios
ITAK Studio is an animation studio from Ukraine with more than 15 years of experience in the media business. Their exceptional creativity can be seen through the numerous short animations the studios has released. iTAK Studios is not only limited to animation, but its also a graphic design, acting, and sound production company. Check out their recent short cartoons produced with CrazyTalk Animator together with a local TV network!
If you liked some of the content found in ITAK’s video, then visit their ToonFair Store in the Reallusion City.

Inside you will find all kinds of awesome content that will help you animate your own advertisements or viral YouTube videos.
“CrazyTalk Animator wins when it comes to the speed of producing videos. There is no need to worry about properly lip-syncing, and no need to spend time on complicated standard animations since the CrazyTalk libraries are a time-saver. I can honestly see great opportunities with CrazyTalk Animator.”
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