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May 2012
What is New in 3DXChange5?
Create iClone Motion-ready Characters via FBX

With the built-in characterization panel, users may convert external characters for iClone via FBX format.

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Characterize Motions via FBX/BVH

3DXchange5 allows you to convert external motion data into iClone via FBX/BVH format.

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Turn Any Prop into an iClone Character

Characterization makes any character possible! Simply use any props to assemble characters with identical human hierarchy, and turn them into iClone motion-ready characters.

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Learn the Basics
Get content from your favorite 3D software into iClone

Learn from the Experts
Take a look at sample projects other users created in less than 2 weeks!

Test of character motions in iClone 5

From Renderosity - DAZ 4 - 3DXchange 5 to Iclone 5

3DXchange5 vs Messiah Studio 5.0

Turn game model into iClone character in Minutes

Vit3Design iCloneWiki Planetstardragon yaRincewind

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This month: Dazzling Hair from DAZ3D Hampton Hair pack.

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