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  Aug 2011  
Indie Designer Beats Hollywood Giant

Indie studios have it all, now that they found CrazyTalk and other Reallusion tools for their just-in-time toolkits. At Comic-Con's Martial Arts Film Festival we caught up with rising motion comics Justice For Hire, where they stated that CrazyTalk Animator literally "saved their butts" for the event.

Zach Shelton, director of Willow Road Animation met us at our booth where he shared their story of coming to Comic-Con and how CrazyTalk Animator played a big role in their film. Zach shares his experience in the following video interview we did with him the day after the premiere.

The Justice For Hire motion-comic trailer premiered at Comic-Con's Martial Arts Film Festival.

CrazyTalk Animator in Daily Production

Jesse Griffith is a great example of a media professional who uses CrazyTalk frequently in his line of work. Jesse is a graphics and FX artist for the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show - a top-rated, nightly talk show broadcasted on ABC Network in the U.S.

Due to the timely nature of daily talk show comedy routines, animated sketches often need to be produced under tight time constraints. Jesse told us how CrazyTalk Animator saved him tons of time with its easy-to-use features such as face-fitting and lip-syncing technology, and how CrazyTalk has become an indispensable tool for him on the show.

John Martin (left, Reallusion) Jesse Griffith (right, Jimmy Kimmel Show – ABC)

“Hello-o from Hell” on Jimmy Kimmel Show

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“The features that make CrazyTalk a must-have for any animator or aspiring animator´s arsenal are fast facial lip-syncing, and digital face & body puppeteering.”

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“I use a lot of different software packages in my line of work, and CrazyTalk is one of those blades in my graphic “pocket knife” that gets me through the day. Quite simply, CrazyTalk has made bits possible that would have otherwise missed deadline.” (Jesse Griffith)
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