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Movie Sets Vol.4 Adventure Movies Cartoon Motion Vol.1

G3 CloneCloth for Essential Woman Vol.1

New Arrivals! Featured Developer Content

We have recreated five famous scientists, like Einstein, Newton, etc., into cartoon characters. Make your class come alive with this brand new series pack!
- 5 Scientist Characters
- 5 Hairs
- 12 Props

This pack includes common characters from everyday occupations, including: Captain, Chef, Handyman, Security Guard, Stewardess and Waitress.
- 6 Characters
- 12 Props

Communication includes 37 motions for cartoon characters from basic talking and introduction to communications with emotions.
- 37 Motions

This pack provides shops and houses that are common in our daily life.
- 1 Street & 2 Houses & 4 Shops
- 24 Building Elements
- 47 Shop Elements
- 12 Street Elements
New Arrivals! Featured Developer Content
Exploding Letters Exploding Letters Exploding Letters Exploding Letters
Elvis Hero & Heroine Face Vol. 1 Wedding Day Goblins
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