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  June 2011  
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Animation Salad Competition

Summer is here and so is the Reallusion Filmmaking Competition, but this time around we have the new and amazing CrazyTalk Animator to play with. CrazyTalk Animator is a revolutionary animation engine which allows you animate anything! Create actors from photographs or illustrations, and bring them to life with automatic facial & body fitting editors.

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Awards & Prizes

Create a funny, educational or viral video and get instantly noticed while winning great prizes like iPad2, XBox 360 and others from our branded sponsors!

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Make Talking Fruit - 1

In this tutorial, you’ll learn the first basic steps to changing any household object into a talking, smiling character with its very own personality!

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Sprite-based Face

In this tutorial, you’ll find out how to give any object a whole range of sprite-based facial features and customize them to your own specifications.

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Animate Your Puppet

This tutorial will demonstrate how to fit characters which have short limbs or limbs with no knee or elbow joints, similar to South Park characters.

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Adding Limbs to Actors

Adding limbs to your character allows you to take full advantage of body puppeteering actions to create your own custom walks, runs, or even dances!

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New Composed Character from Developers

Reallusion has recruited independent external talent to bring you some great ready-to-animate content. The CrazyTalk Animator content universe is expanding, and this is just the beginning!

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"CrazyTalk Animator is a trippy animation system. It's especially wild how 3-D the facial work is!"

- Jeffrey Jon Pidgeon, animator and story artist at Pixar Animation Studio
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Featured Developer

"I can say I'm a newbie using CTA but I've seen everything that can be achieved and that encourages me to do more, to experiment, to imagine and create."

- Guillermo
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New Arrival
CrazyTalk Animator Training DVD
Master CTA with 43 must-see videos! CrazyTalk animated tutorials have been created to introduce you to the application, guide you through the creation process and provide you with a few tips along the way.
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Bonus Motion:
Side Flip

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