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  March 2011  
DrawPlus - 3 Major Benefits for CTA Users

Over 4,000 Animation-Ready Vector/Flash Content

Ready-to-use designs and an on-screen gallery of instant art and symbols get you results fast. Over 4,000 greatly augmented vector materials which include; clip arts, business logos, banners, icons and much more which you can drag and drop for instant animation in CTA.
Create your Original Content with Intelligent Drawing Tools
QuickShapes, curve smoothing, and smart tools all help non-artists achieve fantastic results. Give your artwork hand-made realism with graphic tablets and pressure-sensitivity that offer your strokes natural faintness and depth for better brushwork, sketching, writing, shading and natural flair.
Generate Your Own Flash Animation

Use interactive animation features to showcase products, projects and more. Stopframe animation mode gives you total frame-by-frame control, while the Keyframe mode automatically smoothes motion Titling, move, transform, shape and color change.

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CrazyTalk Animator - New Version 1.1
Enhanced Flash Vector & Image Content Compatibility

Improved SWF import quality for images with edge transparency, along with enhanced compatibility for content using round cap line style, depth settings and masking. Enhancements have also been added for dynamic content using colors, cameras, MP3s, Wave sounds and shapes between animation. The FREE 1.1 version upgrade provides higher compatibility with all major Flash tools, bringing huge benefits for everyone using Flash.

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Flexibility for Layer Key Animation
CazyTalk Animator v1.1 supports setting layer keys for characters and props. The layer order can be adjusted in different time frames to produce animations with layer flexibility. With an additional track for layer key editing, you may now set the layering order directly in the Scene/Layer panel during the character or prop animation.
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Project Time Shifting
Add flexibility in project timeline editing. Delete or Insert timeline frames in an entire project, or a selected Character or Prop; Simply highlight the complete project range, or a specific range in timeline, and Right-Click the menu to easily manage project time shifts.
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Reallusion 10th Anniversary
The Best Deals and Offers for 2D or 3D animation!
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Versailles Museum – Madame Clotilde Animation
This video was made by using a licensed painting from the Versailles Museum. It is a great example of the amazing animations you can do with CrazyTalk Animator by bringing in full-body paintings to life with superb quality and detail.
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Featured Story SchoolTube

"CrazyTalk Animator is the ideal tool for capturing student attention in hard to teach subjects. Many teachers do not posses drawing or animations skills, but they do have a story to tell and this is where CTA delivers. Now Educators everywhere can harness the power of the imagination by easily animating anything from historical characters, scientific theories and mathematical concepts with CrazyTalk Animator."

- Jeff Johnston

SchoolTube.com Communications & Member Support Manager

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