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  Jan 2011  
Resources for Cartoon Creation
Create Cartoon Resource

There are tons of Reallusion character packs as well as extensive motion libraries available from our awesome community of developers which really help for cartoon video creation. Some developers have even used iClone character base Jimmy Toon and Mr. Pose to create stylized Toon Families and other cartoon-like characters! Check out the resource below and view more in the Content Store by using the search function to select the "Cartoon & Comic" theme!

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Cartoon Showcase
by PocketWeb by toons3d by BigBoss
Unified Marketplace

In order to provide a better and faster content access experience, Reallusion BackStage is now migrating to the City Marketplace platform. In Marketplace, it is easy to try and download content directly without the need to launch your program. You will also have the ability to utilize the more intuitive browser-based system to download your content in fewer steps.

**The Marketplace downloader is available in iClone 4.31 or CrazyTalk Animator 1.0.
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Reallusion Content Migration
Reallusion iClone BackStage is now migrating to the Marketplace platform. In Marketplace, you will enjoy both Reallusion and 3rd party developer content on the same quick and user-friendly platform.
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Featured Story
- 3D Universe
“Reallusion have been very helpful in converting my characters for use in iClone, and we plan to convert many of our existing and future figures over to iClone.”
-Steve Corder-
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Certified Program
The Reallusion Certification Center provides 2 major programs for those who wish to obtain a certificate of proficiency in iClone for 3rd party training purposes: (1) Certified Talent; (2) Authorized Training Center Certification.
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– Microphone
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