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  Dec 2010  
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Create Animated Greeting Cards in Stereo 3D !

In this bonus package, you may find 3 greeting projects; 2 Claus characters with Christmas hats, and 1Christmas scene with 20 customizable props which can be further customized.

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Benefit 1 Benefit 2 Benefit 3
Flexibly reconstruct scenes by drag-n-dropping project elements
Compatible with any face photo for the body character templates Customizable body and facial animations in the existing projects
Puppeteering Tutorials for Beginners

Slider Control

Mouse Control

Masking Puppeteering Motions

In this tutorial, you will learn basic tips on how to utilize the body puppeteering panel with the slider controls.
In this tutorial, you will learn how to do basic puppeteering animation with the mouse controls.
In this tutorial, you will know how to select or deselect specific body parts for motion layering.
Get Ready for Christmas Today! Collect Them All!

CrazyTalk Animator's first Christmas is here, and we wish that this new theme pack bring joy and wonder to all! Use it to create warm Christmas cards, Hoilday greeting videos and more, as CTA creations are always full of surprises!

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Demo Reel
CrazyTalk Animator changes the way to work on 2D Animation. With our innovation on character generation and animation puppet control, creating animation is fast and fun. Anyone can animate, and the result is amazingly good.
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"Thank you Reallusion for making CrazyTalk Animator - if you are interested in animation creation or you simply love animation itself, then you have to check out this great new CrazyTalk Animator software."

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Freebie Character Shoes

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