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  Oct 2010  
2010 iClone-Featured Video Collections!

iClone Showcase Reel: Fall 2010

The video contains some of the finest videos we have seen from iClone artists/developers in 2010.

iClone Content Reel: Fall 2010

This video contains some of the newest and featured iClone content from Reallusion so far in 2010.

Search and Meet a Talented Fellow

Advanced Search Feature in City

Reallusion City has launched the advanced search mechanism which is the easiest way to find or meet anyone in Reallusion's City Marketplace. Use the advanced search, to scower product categories, personal interests, vendors, stores or just about anything you wish.

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Let’s Fill-in New Form

Dear City Citizens: Take advantage of more free member benefits that offer to keep you updated with the most recent events, marketplace, tips, and Reallusion community news. Just update your profile and select your interests so that others can find you. Simply log in to your premium page and complete the new registration form NOW!

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Reallusion Store Latest Upgrade

The Reallsion store has now upgraded its portal to help you easily search product categories with visualized index layouts. Check out the new flow and see how easy it is to find product families, product segments and any other information you need. You may know the add-on content packs which can work with the tools for specific solutions perfectly.

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Create 3D Stereo Media in 1-2-3!

You've seen big screen 3D movies and have been amazed with the results.You might have also browsed through our See and Believe section and experienced the works behind generating directly from iClone and CrazyTalk. But is it possible to do the same on your own? Generating real 3D content is just three steps away with Reallusion's Authentic 3D solution!

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Google 3D Basecamp & Reallusion

Reallusion's iClone and Google's SketchUp have joined forces in the 2010 Google 3D Basecamp held in Boulder, Colorado. Google invited 150+ SketchUp power users from all over the world for them to experience how to enhance their 3D models with iClone's awesome real-time rendering engine.

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Introductory Offer

Get the new CrazyTalk Animator for FREE, when you purchase CrazyTalk6 Standard or Pro!

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Featured Story -

Hupit Gaming

Hupit Gaming Widget
Hupit Gaming is an online video game content portal that has taken the power of WidgetCast to a whole new level, with their brand new HupitGaming Widget. Their widget is a compact AIR app that connects all their video channels, Twitter feeds and podcasts into one small, downloadable application. Check out this new and exciting tool, and image all the possibilities of using WidgetCast for yourself or for your business!
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Theme Store -

Content Wizard

Over 3,000 items sold in City Marketplace
"Reallusion City stole the hearts of all iClone users and developers. An important part of the City is the Marketplace were everyone can expose and sell his or her content. This is really a big hit. The marketplace is an excellent piece of work from Reallusion as you can learn to use it in less then 30 minutes. It is growing faster then any marketplace I have ever seen before. If you want to sell or find content, the Reallusion City Marketplace is the place were you have to be. Also, don't forget to visit the Wizard store."

- Wil Veeke-
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