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  Sep 2010  
Reallusion City
Social network & Digital content marketplace!

Know More About CITY Benefits & Value!

Reallusion City is a social network and digital content marketplace where people can meet, chat and exchange their unique designs and content. You can customize your own web space with your own personalized look, develop content for the various Reallusion product platforms, and connect with new people from around the world.

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Selling Your Content in Marketplace

Reallusion City’s Marketplace is designed to give 3rd party developers more freedom when marketing and selling their content. In addition to the ability to sell individual items, developers no longer have to wait for approval from Reallusion’s Content Store in order to sell their content, a change that will allow fresh new products to become available for purchase immediately.

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Customize Your Portal

Decorate your home page with flexible templates and widget modules, or even customize it with CSS or html. Reallusion City provides you several themes with different color styles and layouts to help you customize your own portal/club. You may apply or customize your favorite theme by editing CSS. Click below to view some of the available styles.

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Customize Your Store

Display and show off your products in your shop and promote it with Hot, Popular or Featured content modules. Reallusion City also provides a 'Module Management' function which you can drag to arrange your display sequence. To Learn More, just click the link and see the available modules that you are able to customize in your personal store.

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Now you can use Photoshop with iClone !

Creative 3D Art Production Tools

Photographers and Graphic Design artists have always been searching for ways to develop realistic-looking objects with dazzling 3D effects. Start your journey to making fast, high-quality art productions in a matter of minutes with unbelievable 3D control. Read the benefits and follow the tutorials below to learn how.

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> 3D Creation Tool

Download Royalty-free Stock Images of Mr. Pose

Mr. Pose & Friends is an iClone Content Pack with fully customizable & poseable 3D figures that include template motions & accessories. This little white man is used to demonstrate ideas in a simple and cute way; adding instant life to any graphic task.

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Monthly Freebie

Hug Motion - The newest iClone Content delivered straight to your e-mail every month, for FREE!
The Social Gatherings Motion Pack includes numerous motions for different occasions such as; Cocktail Parties, House Parties or simply Hanging out with friends at a local bar. Motions include - chatting, ordering, talking, drinking, whispering and more…

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> Social Gatherings Motion Pack

Alley’s -Testimonial
Althea Dubowec

- "Reallusion City gives us the opportunity to run our own business, and really participate in the marketing of our products. I especially like that we can sell individual items just like backstage, so people can pick and choose which items they want, without the need to buy the whole pack." "Additionally, the City experience has allowed me to make so many new friends from around the world.  The Fashion Alley team members are an awesome group and everyone is encouraged to contribute their thoughts and ideas." 

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BigBoss’ -Testimonial
Guy Langlois
"Reallusion City provides a stimulating environment and a series of powerful tools for content developers to exchange ideas and bring new iClone products to the market. Furthermore, Reallusion City will likely grow to become the dominant C2C Marketplace for Machinima content.
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SIGN UP Facebook
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SIGN UP and Get 1.000 FREE DA Points! If we reach 1.000 Reallusion - iClone Fans on our Facebook profile till Sept. 30th 2010 every fan gets 1.000 DA Points to go shopping in Backstage!Countdown ends on Sept. 30th 2010
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myTV Free Download

A fast way to collect and share YouTube videos and playlists on your desktop.
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