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  June 2010  
Display Your Products like nobody else !
3D Product Demo
Take full advantage of 3D stereo and showcase your products by really putting them out there. Give your customers a geniune experience by delivering a real and tangible impression that is second only to a real sample !
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Print 3D Stereo Brochures
Arrange image layers or 3D objects inside iClone's 3D space and export your media in anaglyph format. Then, just print and distribute your flyers or brochures in stereoscopic 3D effect.
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Showcase with 3D Dynamics
Simply apply a 3D model or video of the merchandise you wish to display onto specially designed Motion Systems to deliver a real, and one-of-a-kind, 3D dynamic presentation.
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Virtual Sets & Live Demos
You now have great advantage as your video becomes part of an iClone 3D environment where you may instantly change any set design without having to reshoot the video.
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Workgroup Licensing Program

Group Sharing

Buy once and share content, and projects in all the workstations you need.

Royalty-free Content

Pay once, use forever. All content is royalty free. Once you buy content from Reallusion, you have the right to display them within any number of commercial or personal projects without the need to pay additional fees.

Best Savings

The Workgroup Licensing Program (WLP) reduces up-front software costs through volume-based pricing (save up to 96%) and offers you the best product bundle packages. Each package includes the most popular content collections

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Featured Artist
Small Wonder Studio
"I think it has great possibilities as the program grows. The speed of rendering is a huge plus and being able to add objects from other applications helps a great deal." - Mark Pleasant
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Featured Movie
Virtual Film Studio
Enjoy this video produced by our Reallusion user, Small Wonder Studio; created with iClone virtual studio solutions, motion montages, and popVideo Converter.
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myTV Free Download
A fast way to collect and share YouTube videos and playlists on your desktop.
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Monthly Freebie
Stage Doom
The newest iClone Content delivered straight to your email every month for FREE!
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