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  May 2010  
How does Reallusion create 3D Stereo Media?
Inside iClone 4.2 and CrazyTalk 6.2, Reallusion’s Authentic 3D technology provides dedicated tools and content library for the creation of native Stereo 3D media. It is also easy to use, delivering crisp details and 3D depth which can be viewed on all 3D devices.
1. By composing all media in a 3D environment with accurate Z axis depth
2. By generating the left and right eye outputs on dual cameras in 3D space
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Experience 3D Projects

Fly-in Camera

This project exemplifies a fly-in through the forest with parent linked camera navigation.

*3D Glasses required

Make 3D objects stand out

The most interesting visual effect in 3D Stereo is to see objects pop out from the screen. This makes you want to reach out and grab the object to confirm its existence.

*3D Glasses required

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Define Depth Perception by using the Convergence Setting

With the convergence setting you can set the convergence point of your camera, and determine which object to pop out and which object to set in the back. In the anaglyph case, the object without the red and blue fringe is located at the convergence distance. The human eye will perceive this as the reference plane on the display level (zero plane).

Multiple Layering

With CrazyTalk’s unique photo to 3D technology, any project is layer-based. You can correctly arrange characters, special effects and background images in different layers to get a better 3D stereo result.

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Gabe Achanzar
"Reallusion Authentic 3D's true value to the movie making experience grew on me. Now not only could I create fantastic worlds, I can also make them come alive and immerse the viewer by drawing them into the world I've created. iClone's 3D export capability let me export my iClone animations, and import existing video and re-export them in 3D as well."
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Demo Video
3D Stereo Content
*3D Glasses required

Reallusion's Authentic 3D shows you the real value of 3D stereo videos. Now with iClone 4.2 or CrazyTalk 6.2 and thousands of contents, you can create your own great 3D Stereo visual impacts like drag-&-drop this easy!
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Sci-Fi Movie Competition
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Guest Judge
It is our pleasure to introduce part of the judging panel for this year's Sci-Fi Filmmaking Competition. Our guest judges are Atom.com, who have been a pioneer in the online video scene for more than 10 years, their Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge leading the way. Give them a warm welcome and feel free to upload your Star Wars Fan Movie to their site right now!
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