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  March 2010  
3DXchange4 -
Unlimited Content Expansion for iClone
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Bring in Animated Character in FBX Format
Now iClone users can use Maya or any other tools supporting FBX export to design animated iClone non-human characters.
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Export iClone Static Models (OBJ) to Sculpt & Paint
With 3DXchange4, Users can export iClone characters as OBJ for further sculpting and painting with external tools.
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Unlimited Portal to millions of free 3D Assets
3DXchange for iClone has been the best way to grow your 3D content library with the ability to import models from Google 3D Warehouse.
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Connect iClone users to the world of 3D tools
Import and convert 3DS, OBJ, SKP, FBX files into iClone. Converted files retain 3D mesh, node relation, texture, skin-bone rigging, and animation data.
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iClone Avatar Builder

Build your custom avatar in realtime 3D using the iClone Avatar Builder, powered by our industry partner in avatar creation- Evolver. Just use the simple Evolver slider bars to create your unique avatars in a matter of minutes! .

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Demo Video
Wanted to create your very own specific avatars, but never knew how to do 3D modeling with 3DS Max or Maya?! Check out this demo video.
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Pipeline Guideline
To merge G-Evolver Characters into iClone4 seamlessly, there are some rules for you to follow when you are importing characters.
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Reallusion in GDC 2010

As an Intel Software partner, Reallusion participates in on-going events with Intel where we are able to feature the iClone optimizations that lie behind the scenes.

Featured Story
Richard Clifton
"Excellent Tool when the interface is learned...just takes a little time. I will definitely recommend it to others. The ability to take existing animal props and convert them to non-human characters is one of the best features out there."
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Featured Video
FBX Resource Demo
The iClone Developer's Resource Pack is designed by professional iClone content creators, aiming to help iClone users to quickly master the pipeline of importing animated characters from professional 3D tools such as Autodesk 3DS MAX, Maya, and DAZ.
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Monthly Freebie
Non-Standard Character
from Avatar Builder
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