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March 2010

iClone 4+ iClone 4.1+ iClone 4.1+ iClone 4.1+
$ 79.95
$ 39.95
$ 49.95
$ 129.95

Creature Base - Legend of Dragon

Super Hero! Vol.1

3D VFX - Virtual Studio Vol. 1

Classic Horror Movie EP.1

Hints & Tips
Attach the props which were just placed to the appropriate location to the Body of the Creature Base.
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Real-time animation evolves with 3D Video FX including virtual newsroom, broadcast graphics, & chromakey effects inside iClone4.
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iClone 4.12+

iClone 3.2+

iClone 4.1+

iClone 4.1+


$ 14.99
$ 20.00
$ 19.95
$ 10.00
$ 14.97

TelSTAR Carrier Destructible

In The Clouds ALIEN 2 pack

Sci Fi Prop Pack and Sets Vol.1

Sci-Fi Adventures 01

Tube Music

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