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  February 2010  
Intimate Movements of Dual Interaction
Now iClone users can recreate those good old times with accurate and natural looking human motions. The family and friends pack features interactive Persona motions between family members, acquaintances and friends.
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This pack features interactive Persona movements between intimate partners that let you build the atmosphere with the love your movies deserve. These are a few of the interactive motions iClone users can now convey withpack.
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Show Your Classic Heartfelt Moment

Competition Period: From 2010/2/10 to 3/15
Submission Deadline: 2010/3/15
Submission Requirement:
1 Video link in YouTube
- Video Length: 30-60 seconds
- The video should contain at least 2 iClone   characters with interactive motions
Winner Prize:
Choose the desired theme pack which is valued at $200

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iPhone - Reallusion Apps Demo Video

10 X Camera Tools
Shoot and Manage Images Better than Ever

Over 160,000 download in only one month

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Photo Makeover
Snap & Swipe for Super-Model Photos

Top 3 photography application in over 30 countries

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Featured Developer
Althea Dubowec
"Finally we have some motions for couples. These motions will greatly aid in conveying more depth to our stories and evoking emotion in our audiences. The character position dummies for each motion are truly invaluable, and make it quite simple to set up your scene. Just add the dummy and add your characters and that’s it."

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Content Trailer
Endearment Motion

Thoughts provoke us and passions drive us. Why not bring real human emotion into iClone? Well now you can with Reallusion's Terms of Endearment Motion Library.

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Endearment Bonus
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