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February 2010
iClone 3.2+ iClone 3.2+ iClone 3+ iClone 2.5+
$ 29.95
$ 24.95
$ 75.00
$ 199.95

Male Persona Behavior Vol.1

Female Persona Behavior

The Show Host

Wedding Planner-Deluxe Pack

Hints & Tips
Drag female character to the pink dummy and then drag the male character to blue dummy. Click the Play button and the characters will play interactive motions…
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Hints & Tips
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Hints & Tips
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iClone 2.5+

iClone 4.1+

iClone 3.1

iClone 3.2+

iClone 3.2+

$ 29.99
$ 35.95
$ 96.00
$ 12.00
$ 15.00

Longform Motion Files

Day-to-day activities


Men In Suits - Volume 2

City Life

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