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August 2009
iClone 2.5+ iClone 2.5+ CrazyTalk 5.0+ CrazyTalk 6.0+
$ 19.95
$ 14.95
$ 12.95
$ 8.76

Urban Eyewear
Volume 1
by Reallusion

by Lucky Stone

by Reallusion

Little People
by LilyArt


4 Rock Characters
8 Hairs
11 Accessories
12 Fashion Textures
93 Live Performing Motions
9 Hand Gestures
29 iProps & Props
List Price:$219.85
14 Design Bases
28 Fashion Textures
50 Wrinkle Maps
12 Shoes Templates
24 Shoes Textures
2 Sets of Sleeves
4 Lace Patterns
List Price:$199.90
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iClone 3.2c+

iClone 3.2c+

CrazyTalk 6.0+



$ 99.95 $ 9.95
$ 29.00
$ 6.15
$ 11.95

City Blocks Vol.2 - Skyscrapers
by Riverside

3D Shop - Grocery Store
by 3D Render

Total Materials Vol.12: Around the World
by 3D Total

Astroclone Galaxy
by Sen

Ladies of the Light
by LilyArt

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