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July 2009

G3 CloneCloth Character Packs provides dual layers of Cloth mesh: the skin layer and the cloth layer. Simply modify the opacity texture with any image editor and you can design as many different clothing styles as you can imagine.

G3 CloneCloth for Essential Man and Woman contain total 14 CloneCloth design bases, each with an individual Template Map with guided color contour lines allowing you to easily create your own custom outfit. Each CloneCloth character also comes with 2 sets of texture outfit ready for you to save as a new character.

iClone 3.2+ iClone 3.2+ iClone 3.1+ iClone 3+
$ 24.95
$ 29.95
$ 75.00
$ 34.95

Female Persona Behavior Vol.1

Male Persona Behavior Vol.1

The Show Host

Stage Dances in Variety


List Price:$254.80
Special offer ends on Aug. 31
List Price:$176.00
Special offer ends on Aug. 31
List Price:$71.90
Special offer ends on Aug. 31
Hints & Tips
How to use material to model clothing?
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How to use material to model clothing?
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iClone 3.2+



$ 19.95
$ 13.97 $ 6.00
$ 15.00
$ 35.00
$ 13.50

On The Beach

Manhattan Misses
by Shygirl/Clones2go

Urban Style by Alley

OC3 in Leather by AnimaTechnica

G3 Real Human Heads-Male Face Pack by Reallusion

30% off on all Bernita pack
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