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  May 2009  

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More than quality and selection, royalty-free means once you buy content from Reallusion, you have the right to display that content within any number of commercial or personal projects and pay nothing more. Simplify your creative world with royalty-free content and let your mind manage your creativity, not your usage rights.

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War & Peace Filmmaking Competition

Don't miss out the great prizes worth of $10,000! Enter the competition with your story of War & Peace today. Check out the demo video, resource and contestant movies available for your creation.

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Reallusion @ NECC 2009

Check the latest solution for educators from Reallusion at NECC 2009 in Washington DC, June 28 to July 1. Stand Number: 3004-3012 (Partner: Software Express)

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iClone Artist
Darren Thompson MellorMedia
Educator, Media & ICT
"Our staff and students could utilise iClone to create output media that was under our ownership and control thanks to the great licensing structure offered by Reallusion. The 'media' created from iClone gives instant solutions to a lot of red tape problems that would stand before us if royalties and copyright restrictions came into play, which with iClone they don't."
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iClone Radio
Listen to The Wolf & Dulci Hour, a weekly 1-hour internet radio show, discussing Reallusion's royalty-free content and its significance on 3D moviemaking.
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Educator Resource – iClone3 Teaching Plans

Free iCone3 Teaching Plans now available for download. The plans are designed to help teachers better construct the 3D animation course using iClone3, providing main steps for learning the tool, hints and tips, assignments, and integration with other image and video editing tools.

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