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  May 2009  
CrazyTalk5 Turn Images to Talking Actors

With only one image and CrazyTalk5, you can create a virtual actor with vivid facial expression and lip-sync for any video projects, websites and mobile!

.Simply realize facial expression

Create your characters from photos, images or illustrations. Simply set face features for eyes, teeth, mouth and lips to match the character’s personality. Apply realistic facial expressions and face morph effects during talking animation.

.Quickly create natural lip-synching

Automatic voice lip-sync analysis creates natural lip-sync from your voice, recorded audio, or typed text for your characters.

.Easily puppet your actor’s behavior

Use a mouse or handheld device to puppet your character animation in real-time. You can select the character’s expression or facial feature to puppet as your playback the recorded audio.

Introducing CrazyTalk5

By D. Eric Franks

In this tutorial learn the basic of CrazyTalk5 so that you can quickly start 3D talking characters from photos, images or illustrations.

Reviews & Awards

PC Plus

We hope you’ve been having a lot of fun with iClone and all your content from the Content Store. Looking forward to one day seeing your videos and creations on Youtube or Reallusion TV!

Essential Website Creator

“Revolutionary real-time puppeteering for consumers and pro”

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