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May 2009
Customize your Interactive Vehicle

iCar Body shop includes various types of vehicle bodies, chassis and wheels. Plus, each vehicle body comes with standard and custom paint jobs as well as accessory props to add to your vehicles. With iCar Body Shop, you are able to create customizable cars.

The Mechanic Tool Kit included in this pack allows you to assemble more types of iCar and use AML dummies to interact with those vehicles such as opening doors, drive with proper wheel animation as well as with the spring action of the suspension system. Users can use hot keys to control the car movements just like in a video game.

iClone 3.2+ iClone 3.2+ iClone 3.2+ iClone 3.2+
$ 29.00
$ 99.95
$ 149.95
$ 199.95

Total Material Vol 8 Vehicles

City Blocks Vol.1 - Skyscrapers in Metro City

Total Plants-Biosphere Collection

Machines of War Theme Pack

Urban Creative Collection


List Price:$159.90
Special offer ends on May 31
Interactive Vehicle Collection


List Price:$259.90
Special offer ends on May 31
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Hints & Tips
How to create a race flag?

We provide an automatic real-time Flying Surface simulation in iClone. Please follow our instruction.

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iClone 3.2C+

iClone 3.2C+

iClone 3.2+

CrazyTalk5 Std & Pro

CrazyTalk5 Std & Pro

$ 79.95
$ 45.00
$ 120.00
$ 24.95
$ 18.00

Nature Builder-Gardening by Reallusion

Modern Military Aircrafts Vol.1 by 3Drt.com

SkirtMagic C4G3 by Mike Aparicio-

Acting Workshop: Natural Facial Performance by Reallusion

Fantasy Tales "The Book of Inferno" complete pack by Anima Creativa

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