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  April 2009  

Create limitless sweeping landscapes, rocky mountain ranges, general all-purpose grounds, and many more with Earth Sculptor, a real-time terrain editor and paint program with an easy to use interface designed for rapid development of 3D environment in iClone.

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The Biosphere Collection provides 400 LivePlant variations (plus some creatures). This is a complete collection of dynamic LivePlant species and will fulfill your demand on the nature scene generation for all kinds of geological environment, even the fantasy world.

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Construct your dream garden at ease with vivid 3D tree, grass, and beautiful flowers. Layout the botanic scene with an elevated terrain, a pond, fences, short stone walls, and many other aesthetic gardening elements.

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Reallusion Events
War & Peace Filmmaking Competition

Enter and Win $1000 in prizes with your story of War & Peace. Check out the demo video, resource and contestant movies available for your inspiration.

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Reallusion Live @ GDC 2009

See the photos and fun from Reallusion featured inside Intel Visual Adrenaline Lounge at the GDC 2009 in San Francisco, March 2009.

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iClone Review

"The software will definitely appeal to amateurs wanting to start at 3D animation, but also has the features to accommodate more experienced users wanting to upgrade. The software is definitely great fun no matter what experience level."

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Nature Artist
Neil Armstrong
freelance journalist, writer & animation artist
"With the advent of Biosphere and all the plants in there, suddenly the film set has become a rich humid environment that now wreaks of the English countryside. Add some water, the sea, bridges, and old buildings. Easy. And that's a fact. It IS easy."
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Nature Movie
Watch the latest project by Neil showing the stunning nature rendered in iClone with Biosphere Collection.
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iClone Tree:
Blue Spruce
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