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iClone3 Occupations Theme Pack
This pack contains characters and motions of 5 different occupations: Fire-fighting, Law Enforcement, Work Crew, Medical Services and Food & Hospitality, as well as props and accessories for them. 2 individual packs: Career Roles Pack (with 10 characters) and Career Motions Pack (with 99 motions), and one Combo Pack are available for purchase.
Know More List: $238.60 Special $150 (Save $88.6)
iClone3 Total Materials Vol.3:
Bases & Layers Texture Pack
This pack contains 157 materials, comprising of over 220 individual, hand crafted texture maps. Every texture has its own unique diffuse map, bump map and specular. 72 Bonus Maps are also included in this collection. Get it today!
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CrazyTalk5 Dream Girls Image Pack
This image pack includes beautiful iClone female characters from Europe, Africa, America, and Latin America. Besides the images, their most attractive poses are also included as the Bonus.
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3D Modeling:
iClone + 3DXchange + Google SketchUp
Learn how to build your 3D model in Google SketchUp, add realism, and animate it in iClone.
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Make Your Horror Story into a Blockbuster
Direct your own mystery, thriller, nightmare, and monster movie with iClone and its specialized content packs.
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New Education Website
Visit our updated Education Website where you can find resources for teachers and students learning iClone and CrazyTalk.
New Japanese Website
Grand Opening! Check out the latest release of CrazyTalk5 and iClone 2.5 for 3D real-time animation - all in Japanese.
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Event News
BETT 2009 Photos
Reallusion presented iClone and CrazyTalk at BETT in London, UK in January 2009 for educators seeking creative tools to facilitate learning.
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