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Performance Upgrade & Easier Thumb Image Preview

iClone 3.2 provides further enhancement for you to employ iClone for moviemaking:

E Significant performance enhancement on computers with multi-core CPUs.
E Be able to preview and easily manage iClone content with thumbnail images under Windows environment.

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iClone3 GI vs. Wehrmacht Theme Pack

This World War II Theme Pack contains the characters, scenes and props which best represent the battlefields. It is definitely a pack worth collecting, either for war game hobbyists or history educators. 4 individual packs: US 2nd Ranger & 101st Airborne, Wehrmacht Army Troops, Combat Motions & Interactive Guns, Battleground (Fort and Village), and a Combo Pack available for purchase.

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iClone3 The Show Host! Motion Pack

This pack provides a total of 58 Male and Female Communication Motions handy for your iClone movies, including presentation, product introduction, award winning speech, funky rap, sitting speech, as well as interview and conversation motions. With this pack, you can easily create your own 3D TV shows or 3D animated presentations.

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iClone3 Total Materials Vol. 1:
General Textures Pack

This pack contains 187 Material Balls, comprising of over 500 individual, hand crafted texture maps. Every texture has its own unique diffuse map, bump map and specular. This pack also includes 24 Overlay Masks, 15 Dirt Masks, 6 Shadow Maps and 11 Sky Maps.

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WidgetMe Competition Winners Announced

Congratulations to the 9 winners creating and sharing WidgetMe during the holiday period. Check out their widgets today!
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4 Stars on About.com

"Educators and students could also use iClone to make short presentations, and anyone who has lots of storytelling ideas can make their movie without the budget, cast, or sets of a Hollywood production."

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