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CrazyTalk5 Facial Expression Clips -
Vol .1 and Vol. 2
The all new CrazyTalk5 Facial Expression Clips Vol. 1 and 2 provide a total of 72 vivid facial expression clips for all kinds of performances. The packs allow you to easily create top quality CrazyTalk5 movie. Save 20% when you buy both packs together!
See Vol. 1 See Vol. 2 Buy Both @ $39.95
iClone Film Set and Props Pack Vol. 1
This combo pack includes 9 different interior designs for your movie studio: Bali Living Room, Classic Living Room, Japanese Living Room, Laconic Bathroom, Laconic Living Room, Mediterranean Bedroom, Modern Boardroom, Night Club and Yuppie Bedroom. Get them individually or all at the most premium price.
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Amazing Content from Developers
iClone Texture Packs
14 new iClone G2 Texture packs provide you more selections on dress, appearance, outfit, accessories and more.
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iClone Character Packs
Meet Tanja, Trudy and Isolde, our 3 new iClone Female Characters! Create fun stories for these new girls in the iClone world.
Meet Tanja Meet Trudy Meet Isolde
Content Store Survey
Participate and Win Prizes!
From June 1 to 30, complete our Content Store Survey and you can get a discount coupon for future content purchase. You will also have the chance to become one of our 10 lucky winners to receive the iClone3 theme pack (upcoming) or CrazyTalk Studio Effects (including CrazyTalk SFX Vol 1, Vol. 2 and Text Bubble Vol. 1).
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From characters to full 3D sets and props, Reallusion Content Store gives you access to the assets for a variety of themes to match most any projects.
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Reallusion Community
Reallusion Forum Competition: Crazy TV Anchor
  Between 6/19-7/21, create your CrazyTalk avatar as a TV anchor, and make your impersonation show on air. You will get the chance to win “CrazyTalk SFX Pack Vol.2”.
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CrazyTalk5 2 New Tutorials
Watch and learn how to easily create with CrazyTalk5!
#1. Making Music Videos in 10 minutes
  Using the audio from your favorite song and CrazyTalk5, anyone can become a music video director instantly.
Learn How  
#2. Exporting and Embedding Flash Format
  This tutorial teaches you how to export Flash files and embed them into your web pages for personal or commercial purposes. 
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Second Life & CrazyTalk
  Watch demo videos, interview videos, showcases, and tutorials on how to bring your 2nd Life character to live with CrazyTalk.

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Media Buzz
Fox 13 on CrazyTalk 5
CrazyTalk5 was featured in the Tech Segment on FOX 13, Salt Lake City, USA.
Awarded 4.5 of 5 for
iClone 2.5 Studio
"iClone is a fantastic way to get a jump into the world of 3D animation, allowing you to create films of any length with actors you control, sets you create, and dialog and stories that you write."
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