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“Not only did it solve the lip-sync problem but the array of pre-set emotions allowed me to take my characters into a new dimension. Emotions! I never could have imagined that it would be possible. My characters had personality and it was wonder bar.”
- Eric Rosner (TV Land/Nick@Nite)
CrazyTalk5 PRO (see feature matrix) interfaces facial animation with revolutionary real-time puppeteering controls empowering you with command performance over character facial expressions.
What's New Upgrade Now
Live Capture: Real-time Puppetry Animation
Face Profile Styles for Non-human Characters
Motion Clips for Emotion Library Management
Comic Effects with SFX Swap & Text Bubble
CrazyTalk5 PRO Edition
Create Talking Actors from Any Image.
Automatic Lip-sync with Audio and Voiceovers.
Real-time Interactive Puppeteering Performance.
* CrazyTalk5 PRO is the upgrade version of CrazyTalk 4 Media Studio.
Magically Turn Photos into Talking Movies.
Make Any Photo Talk with Your Own Voice or Audio.
Play and Create with Easy Puppeteering.
* CrazyTalk5 is the upgrade version of CrazyTalk 4 Messenger.
CrazyTalk SFX Combo
This combo includes:
CrazyTalk5 PRO Edition
Text Bubble Vol.1 Pack
See More Image Packs
Living Color
Manga Dolls
Vogue & Chic
Online Training Resources
To provide easier and quality training, Reallusion's "Online Training Resources" are ready for users to quickly get familiar with CrazyTalk5. Here you can access "Video Tutorials" to learn CrazyTalk effectively and "Online Help" for more product knowledge. You can also print out the training materials by downloading CrazyTalk5 "Manual" and "Reference Guide" (PDF).
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“CrazyTalk produces great results with little efforts.”
PC Advisor, July 2007
“This simple and light-hearted software is great fun to use.”
Digital Camera Buyer, Issue 62
“…requires little tech or artistic expertise and delivers a lot of entertainment.”
CNET.com.au, December 7, 2006
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