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We are excited to introduce you the CrazyTalk 5 Beta Event. The enhanced tool is designed to command control facial performances like never before. Your participation in the beta event will be greatly appreciated and we look forward to hearing your comments and feedback.

Target: General Users
Download Available: 2007/12/14 - 2007/12/31
Beta Program Expires: 2008/1/15
Beta Special Offers
(Offer Expires 12/31/2007)

Purchase CrazyTalk 4 Media Studio (Box) and get FREE upgrade to v5.0 Pro in Jan.

$ 139.95 ($187.85)
Plus Free Delivery and 2 Free Bonus: CrazyTalk for Skype Media Edition & CrazyTalk Christmas Comic Pack
Purchase CrazyTalk 4 Messenger and get FREE upgrade to v5.0 in Jan.
$ 39.95 ($49.95)
*Get 2 Free Bonus: CrazyTalk for Skype Media Edition & CrazyTalk Christmas Comic Pack
Pre-Order Special
(Offer Expires 12/31/2007)
Upgrade to CrazyTalk 5.0 Pro from v4.x Media Studio
$ 59.95 ($79.95)
Upgrade to CrazyTalk 5.0 Pro from v4.x Messenger
$ 79.95 ($99.95)
Upgrade to CrazyTalk 5.0 from v4.x Messenger
$ 19.95 ($29.95)
*Logon to your premium page for purchase and SAVE!
Live Capture! Real-time Puppetry Animation
- Advanced select and de-select the puppet facial muscles
- Real-time puppeteering mode: live recording!
Multiple Face Profiles for Non-human Characters
- 8 new face profiles for non-human characters
- Original human profile mesh refinement

Motion Clip for Emotion Library Management
- Drag-and-drop management and customized emotion library
- Easily Group/Ungroup specific sections for customization
Comic Effect with SFX Swap & Text Bubble
- 2 SFX Tracks & Swap (either foreground or background)
- Text bubble for users to add comic messages




- Add Project function to combine CTM and CTS in a file


- Enhanced standby motions and customization

- Modification of profile strength and motion strength

- Customization of characters' eyes and teeth

- 5 default puppet profiles X 6 emotion styles


- Camera Movement for freely Zoom In/Out and Rotation

- Key mode editing for specific character expression

- Friendly timeline editing environment

- Facial control by various devices


- HD size output and YouTube size output

- Web output: Flash video


- Add "Jaw Bone" to enhance the mouth deformation

- Anti-distortion on face rotation

Note: (1) CrazyTalk 5 Pro is the upgrade version of CrazyTalk 4 Media Studio; CrazyTalk 5 is the upgrade version of CrazyTalk 4 Messenger; (2) See Comparison Table of CrazyTalk 5 and CrazyTalk 5 Pro
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