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Direct Picking and Manipulating Selected Objects
Double click to select and edit characters, accessories and props from inside the 3D preview window.
Objects selected in the 3D window will automatically be highlighted and corresponding Modify panels will open.
Direct move and rotate any picked objects using hotkeys.
Add Linkage between Objects and Characters
Characters can be seated in moving cars, mounted to ride a horse, bike, any vehicle, or linked to moving objects.
Characters or props can be linked to other characters, accessories or props.
Realistic Horse Prop and Motion
One highly detailed horse featuring 2 sample LiveProp animations and saddle.
Project includes the "Link-to" linkage feature.
Large Scene Camera and Camera Snap Hot-keys
Enhanced Character Motions with BSM (Bone System Modification)
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"It's a must-see app if you're trying to break into the camera side of movies and animation, or if you just want to play around with 3D animation without having to draw everything from scratch."

-By Seth Rosenblatt

Digital Video
"The performance is outstanding, and the features coupled with such a high degree of customisation, make this an excellent buy."

-By Hugo Frazer
July 2007 Issue

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Horse & Tack Theme Pack
Unbridled Quality & Performance

Combined with the newest Link function of iClone 2.5, every horse has its own Linking point for Character or Saddle. It will link a character and saddle to the correct position of the horse, and generates horse movements according to the correct rhythm.
Horse & Tack Theme Pack

List Value $79.95

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iClone Studio +
Horse & Tack Theme Pack

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iClone Standard +
Horse & Tack Theme Pack

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