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iClone Xtreme Elements: CDs & Booklets
Collect the best four top-selling iClone content packs complete with full physical CDs and detailed booklets. Even if you have already owned one of the four packs, the special introductory price gives you a great opportunity to get more data back-up and add new content to your collection.
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Female Pub Dance
Get 14 all new motions designed for female dancing characters. Dance styles suitable for pub, disco or parties. Lifelike motion adds natural movement, turning, swaying and performance.
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New Arrival: Developer's G2 Texture Pack
This pack contains 3 Modern Western Outfits and an extra shirt for Jack. For Jane, you will find Fringed Skirt, stovepipe jeans and a choice of a short or long-sleeve shirt. Western boot texture is now available for Jack; Classic boots fits Jane as well.
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News & Events
Siggraph 2007 Round Up
Reallusion goes real-time with movies, models, and motion at the 2007 Siggraph conference in San Diego where the highly anticipated iClone 3 first look was unveiled. Read about the full show coverage and partnership announcements with DAZ 3D and Animazoo.
Next generation engines preview
Hot Shots from Siggraph
The Latest Tutorials
DAZ3D to iClone Tutorial
Learn how to use the Daz 3D marketplace to acquire and convert models for use inside iClone movies. DAZ 3D and Reallusion have partnered to provide a pipline through 3DXchange to expand the power of DAZ 3D content into the real-time production world of iClone.
Illustrative Tutorial Online Video
Creating multiple styles for G2 CloneCloth avatars
Learn how to cut and design CloneCloth to create a totally custom design. Texture editing techniques covered teach how to use any image editor to fashion a unqiue wardrobe for characters including design, shape, and special material effects.
Illustrative Tutorial Online Video
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Evil Battle Blade
The Evil Battle Blade adds a highly detailed combat accessory to your iClone content library. Equip characters with a magical weapon or use it for decorating scenes as a powerful prop.
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iClone Review
Digital Video_July 2007
"The performance is outstanding, and the features coupled with such a high degree of customization, make this an excellent buy."
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Computer Arts_July 2007
"An impressive 3D graphics and animation program at a bargain price."
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