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Easily Produce Accessory/Prop/Scene for Sales in iClone
The upcoming release of iClone 3DXchange v1.0 will
unleash your creativity in producing 3D objects. Currently you can only conduct 3ds Max plug-in to create your works. With 3DXchange, the possibilities for Accessory/Prop/Scene creation in iClone will be endless.
Hot! Your Receipt is "Online"
The CCD sales query mechanism is finally launched. Your sales status and accounts receivable can be displayed clearly at a glance by instantly querying your sales report. �It's really wonderful!, The query system is very simple, and I can find any info I expect for through this service.� said Irving Lu, the CCD artist of the series "Kitty".
CloneCloth - Clone Your Design into 3D Fashion
The CloneCloth Character Pack provides dual layers of cloth mesh: the skin layer and the cloth layer. Simply modify the opacity texture with any image editor and you can design as many different clothing styles as you can imagine. The CloneCloth design base with guided color contour lines allows you to easily create your own custom outfit.

New! Updated 3ds Max White Paper for iClone 2.0
To determine the appropriate type of environment required in 3ds Max for your iClone project, you can access to the latest white paper for iClone 2.0. You can also successfully prepare animated props and accessories for sale. In addition, we provide extra instruction on how to achieve various visual effects with materials and shaders.
Tip of the Month - Hair Design
Hair style plays an important role in fashion. Wanna know how to improve the look of your models with stylish haircuts? Here are the four aspects of tricks to polish your hair design: Temple, Scalp, Z-fight, and Transparency.
Featured Artist

Darren J. Thompson
I've been working on a few animation projects with another of their products named "It'sMe". This program was cool, easy and really, really cheap; finally, it became the matured product - iClone which really impresses me..."

More about Darren
Mellor Media Production
Founded by D.J. Thompson, Mellor Media produces video, imagery and content for and with Reallusion's iClone and aims to utilize iClone to deliver a "Vocational Qualification" in Machinima production.
Visit Mellor Media

G2 Max Template
Coming Soon

There will be 2 G2 essential characters - Jack & Jane released for CCD members to enhance the power of your avatar creation. The new Base Model and white paper will be available in June.
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