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iClone 2.0 Beta Released
Welcome to the official launch of iClone 2.0 BETA (Full version release – mid March). The new iClone 2.0 enhancements are ready for you. Explore the incredible advancements in custom character clothing creation, along with a preview of the new character body styles.
the journey for fashion design
Hot Current: Fashion Design
Fashion design is the applied art dedicated to the design of clothing and lifestyle. "Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening." said Coco Chanel. Therefore, fashion design is the style sharing from your ideas, rather than what clothing to put on.
Fashion Characters for iClone
Starting a career in fashion would be challenging and fun, especially with your 3D characters. Inspired by the pop culture and the success of "Sex and the City" and "The Devil Wears Prada", you can create a lady with Gucci suit walking in your iClone shot. Even more, you can own a virtual rag trade for sale based on G2 (Generation 2) models.
Easy Steps to Design Your Clothes in G2
Generation 2 characters are more natural looking with better body shape, skin texture, and pose. The G2 character can be either nude or with clothes. Therefore, it allows you to design your own fashion collection for the virtual stars in your project. Take the following steps to become a fashion designer.
Photograph your cloth and trousers.
In the image editing software, paste your cloth and trousers onto the diffuse image of your character. Update the texture in iClone.
Now, edit the opacity to cut off the part in black, just like you are cutting a real cloth.
Simply click the update button and you will see the result of the outfit.
Click the bump button and draw wrinkles or the brand, tag on the outfit.
Use the glow map as the following image. The brand on your cloth will attract your viewers' attention even more!
Optionally, if you want to create a plastic wrapping paper effect, you may use the reflect map as well.
Submit your cool design here
Share your ideas in "Fashion School"
Featured Artist
Lisa Scragg
My name is Lisa Scragg, I live in a small town about an hours drive from Melbourne, Victoria's State capital in Australia. I was very excited by how easy it was to create animated stories using iClone...
More about Lisa
Female Sci-Fi Specialist
With her first full character – a robot, Lisa is quite a different female artist in 3D field, especially the ardor for Sci-fi and game. We can see the fineness and amorous feelings in her works.
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New Arrival
Million visitors coming for your Avatars
CrazyTalk for Skype helps you share a wonderful conversation with your buddies on Skype. Now, a new animated Avatar space is open for you - avatar developers.
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Cool Creators Theatre showcases iClone product snippets, shorts from the Cool Creators and other movies or select clips from the CoolClones community.
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