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Special Series of Particle F/X
Knowledge Base of Particle System
Emitter- the special object which particle systems comprise can be viewed as a discharger of particle effects.
Particle- the sub-object generated by emitters for the purpose of simulating fuzzy phenomena like snow, fire, dust, etc.
Parent Node- the base of emitter and particle shaped as pyramid can be attached to any object for producing wonderful visual effects, like smoke coming out behind a car.
Sneak Preview of iClone 1.6

NEW! The “F/X” category is added to the user menu so that particles can be completely controlled in the File Manager.

These are other powerful user interfaces available in iClone 1.6. Besides all fundamental effects accessible with one glance, you can surely deploy a variety of modifying functions, such as:

emit volume spread & roll
position velocity
quota direction randomness
emit rate gravity & wind
longitude / latitude    
In iClone 1.52, you have to adjust particles absurdly or apply another image editing to manipulate whatever styles of particles you want. The good news is no more this irritating adjustment required in iClone 1.6.
>>Other Samples
Set Your Originality Free!

In the past months, we have provided plenty of content such as textures, accessories, scenes, and motions to enrich the creations of iClone users. Here is a new mission for CCD members – Expand your chimera by creating particles, sound effects, and motions! These categories of packs below are open for submission~

Brilliant Magic
-- Particles--
Pre-set Action
-- Motions--
Creative Audio
--Sound Effects--
Enjoy them? More References!
Tip of the Month: Warrior's Fighting Motion
You can buildup a fantastic epic by editing a series of spectacular fighting motions. Follow the 11 steps to make your character vigorous and nimble, then have your character bob, brandish, chop or bedazed.
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New Arrival
3DS MAX 9 Plug-in
Coming in January! The latest iClone 3DS Max 9 plug-in enables you to create and export content from 3DS Max for iClone. You can now enjoy your creation in Max and play it after in iClone.

The configuration and installation is as easy as the previous versions (R6, R7 and R8). R9 plug-in only supports 32 bit (version) at the present.
>>Download MAX Plug-in
iClone TV Channel
http://www.iClone.tv/ is the place to watch the best iClone showcase! Although iClone videos can be seen in fan sites (e.g. CoolClone) or video sharing sites (e.g. YouTube), we have dedicated an exquisite location to feature your work.
4 things you can do with iClone TV:
Pay regular visits
Share with friends
Comment or suggest
Become part of it with your iClone works
"Want to see the best collection of iClone movies? Go iClone TV!"
- Charles Chen, CEO of Reallusion
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