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Sneak Preview on New iClone Particle F/X

Exploit the particle capability of iClone 1.52 with the upcoming F/X Pack!

Simply apply the F/X object as an accessory or prop, and you can add atmosphere to the scene, deliver magical power, and increase dramatic ambiance. Expand your movie creation to fantasy adventure with iClone Particle F/X today! And join us in our Forum to discuss more about Particle F/X.

Note: The ability to modify and create F/X will be available with iClone 1.6, coming soon in 2007.
Featured Artist: Aknzrdude of "Rebel in Action"

We are pleased to present the special interview with Aknzrdude, our outstanding developer and the creator of “Rebel in Action”.

Artist Profile

I am Gabe, commonly known as ‘Aknzrdude’ in the Coolclones forums. I love sci-fi, techno thrillers and fantasy books, so this is reflected a lot in the stuff that I do…

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Inspiration of Works
iClone 1.5 introduces live accessories and props that contain multiple animation clips. These clips can be assigned along the timeline track of each object.
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Advice for CCD Members
Be free to try things out. One of my favorite tools in creating textures is using dingbats – yes that’s right – go to any font site and download dingbats – and use them for details on the texture…
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Hot Topic in CCD Community
Reallusion delivered a successful performance at Machinima Festival 2006 and settled in the outstanding status among machinimators, with discussions and technology demonstrations on how to utilize iClone for 3D real-time filmmaking
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Tips of the Month: 5 Steps to Transform Models to Real Objects
Wow! How could it be?

Learn it in five easy steps There are different degrees of reflection toward light as a result of the attribute of the material itself. We can modify the contrast of reflection map through the function of material in iClone to verify the degree of reflection on the surface of an object while rendering. As long as the proper material is selected, any real object can be created.
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New Features Released in iClone 1.52
Pixel Shader to enhance 3D visual effects
Advanced animation editing via Timeline
Huge improvement in rendering speed
Unlimited video output size
Instant 3D scene buildup with 3D blocks system
Fresh textures: transparency, reflection, glow, bump patterns
3D surface and live props
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New Tutorials
The chapters include:
Creating custom characters
Creating a face
Diffuse map texturing
Opacity map texturing
Walk path and direction
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