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Blazing render speeds soar with the new core engine, iClone 1.52 promises powerful features and high quality performance to increase your 3D real-time filmmaking productivity.
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iClone 1.52 offers you excellent new features and enhancement:
Pixel Shader: the real-time engine for enhanced 3D visual effects
Enhanced animation editing using Timeline
Significant increase of fine rendering speed for video output
Unlimited video output size
Instant 3D scene buildup with 3D blocks systems
Library of textures: transparency, reflection, glow, bump patterns
3D surface, billboard and live props systems
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iClone Movie Nominated for 2006 Machinima Festival Awards
“Each day I find new tricks in iClone. It's really an incredible new way of filmmaking. So Reallusion is not just hypin' a product. What you promise on the site is true. You can do movies!!!”

- Stefano De Carli (Hurlook), director of Reich and Roll, nominated for 2006 Best Visual Design Machinima Award
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iClone Cool Town Story Texture Pack
13 cool town characters, from the girl-next-door, mobster to friendly country folk, each with distinct personality and style for your iClone storylines. Two full collection packs and 13 individual texture packs are available for purchase.
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iClone Club LRS Singers Texture Pack
From Pop, Blue to Country, these 5 lounge singers are perfect for your iClone music scene. One full collection and 5 individual packs are available for purchase.
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CrazyTalk Females Image Pack
Select your perfect talking host for online instruction or greeter of the holiday e-card from these beautiful ladies. This image pack is also available as CrazyTalk for Skype avatar pack.
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CrazyTalk Classics Horror Movies Image Pack
The most terrifying characters from the classics horror movies - Dracula, Frankenstein, Invisible Man, the Freak, Zombie and Mummy, are coming out of the graves to animate on your desktop this Halloween! This image pack is also available as CrazyTalk for Skype avatar pack.
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CrazyTalk Adventure Comic Image Pack
The Adventure Comic Image Pack offers you 6 popular comic book characters for your animated adventure. This image pack is also available as CrazyTalk for Skype avatar pack.
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Get Natural Text-to-Speech Voices for CrazyTalk
Need high quality TTS varieties for your talking characters? Cepstral provides realistic synthetic voices that can say anything, anywhere, with personality and style!
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Reallusion Community
iClone FAQ
When I re-install iClone, will it remove my custom data?

No - Re-installation of iClone will not remove any of your custom data. Under the default settings, the data will be kept in: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Reallusion\Custom

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Hints & Tips
How can I get two or more characters to interact with speech in iClone?

To have two characters interacting with speech, you need to:
1. Set up two different .WAV files or scripts in CrazyTalk
2. Time each script; record them in CrazyTalk and "line them up"
3. Save the scripts separately
4. Apply the scripts to your characters in iClone. Make sure you switch the character before you apply the facial animation

Be sure to add eye movement to the model in CrazyTalk. The animation will carry over to iClone and give your characters more life while speaking to each other.

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User Survey
Coming soon in November, Reallusion will launch the online product survey for our users to express their opinions and share the experience. Give us your feedback and check out the results then!
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iClone Artist in Action
- M.D. McCallum -
"The Timeline feature is extremely powerful in terms of what can be animated. From the camera to props there is a lot of flexibility in version 1.5 that takes iClone to the next level in ease of animation."
- M.D. McCallum, an international award winning commercial graphics artist, animator, and webmaster.
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CrazyTalk Review

“If you want an easy way to create animated avatars, you may find CrazyTalk to be the right choice.”
- Sergio Rosa
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Reallusion in the Classroom
Shakespeare and iClone
“After seeing iClone and getting excited about the software they went away and studied Act 2 Scene 1 of MacBeth with great enthusiasm. This was because of the promise they could return to the City Learning Centre and use iClone."
- Brian Richardson, the technologist at Newcastle City Learning Centre, on students’ creation of iClone MacBeth Act 2 Scene 1
Watch iClone MacBeth Act2 Scene1
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