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Download iClone 1.52 Today!
Blazing render speeds soar with the new core engine, iClone 1.52 provides you high quality performance, stability, and compatibility to increase your moviemaking productivity.
Increased fine rendering speed:
  5 to 10 times, even faster, for video output, which significantly shortens your production time.
Unlimited video output size:
  iClone 1.52 simplifies post-production effort with the removal of 4GB video output size limitation.
Quick hotkeys for character position setting:
  Using Ctrl+Shift+Arrow keys, you can speed up character movement and easily position your character.
Complete list of enhancement can be found in iClone 1.52 Version History
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Important Reference:
1) *Must Read* iClone 1.52 User Manual guides you through this powerful yet easy to use tool and provides useful tips to create your movies.
2) You can also view our new iClone Video Tutorials for more information.
3) Not sure about your system compatibility? See iClone 1.52 Graphics
Card Compatible Table
4) If you have got any questions about iClone, check out iClone FAQ, or contact us here.
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Visit our new iClone website and find everything you need to know about iClone - from key features, FAQ, tutorials, showcase to animation theatre!
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Machinima Festival
Come and explore Machinima-style 3D filmmaking with iClone 1.5 and CrazyTalk 4.5 for real-time previsualization and production. And watch Reich & Roll, an iClone movie nominated for 2006 Best Visual Design Machinima Award!
About Festival
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