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Download 3DS Max Plug-in Today
Don't miss this FREE plug-in tool exclusively for Reallusion developers! Using 3DS Max plug-in with iClone 1.5 you can create detailed visual effects and largely improve the quality of your content. The new features include:
Additional Map Types and Rendering Effects:
‧2-sided material
‧normal map
‧reflection map
‧glow map
‧multi-map channel
‧UV animation
‧vertex color
‧self-cast shadow
Live Accessories and Props:
iClone 1.5 introduces live accessories and props that contain multiple animation clips. These clips can be assigned along the timeline track of each object.
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What's Hot in iClone Content Store
Need some hints before building your new content for sale? Currently iClone characters are getting the most popularity in our store. However, we encourage you to create peripheral accessories, props, and scenes for the existing characters, simply because when users get actors on stage, they also need a variety of scenes, costumes (textures), props, and actions (motions) to go with the characters and construct the next iClone blockbuster.

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Developer Tips of the Month
How to create a new accessory in iClone using the existing accessory and prop?
1. Select an accessory from Template menu. Add it in Custom menu and give it a new name.
2. Under Props >> Modify >> Import Props, import the new accessory you have just added, from C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Reallusion\Custom\iClone Custom\Accessories.
3. In Work Window, you will find the imported item as a prop.
4. Under Props >> Template, select a prop to be combined with the imported item.
5. In Work Window, you will find the newly combined object.
6. Adjust the position, size, and texture of the combined object. Use Merge Prop to merge them as a new prop.
7. Add this new prop in Custom menu and give it a new name.
8. Go back to Accessory >> Modify, and import the new prop from C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Reallusion\Custom\iClone Custom\Prop.
9. In Work Window, you will find the imported item as an accessory.
10. In Modify >> Props List, select the position of the imported item. Then adjust its size.
11. Add it in Custom menu as your new accessory for iClone.

Content Submission
Made Easy

Now you can submit and manage your custom content using our new online submission system. Here is how the system works:

1. Submit your content. A submission confirmation will be delivered to your email afterwards.
2. Content review period: 3 to 4 days.
3. Content approved: you will be informed and asked to re-confirm for content publication on our website.
4. Submission declined: in this case, please review our comments and suggestions for alteration. You can modify your work accordingly and submit it again.
5. Once we approve your submission and receive your confirmation for publication, we will market your content on our Content Store shelf.
6. You can always log in, check your submission status, and manage your account at any time!.

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