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iClone 1.5 Sneak Preview
The upgraded iClone 1.5 will further enrich your creative experience for character generation, facial animation, and scene production, with real-time engine supporting state-of-the-art 3D visual effects, Animation Timeline, quick 3D scene buildup with 3D blocks, and multi-texture effects.
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Real-time 3D Model Collection by Geo-metricks
Instantly boost your iClone scenes when you include these 3D models with good quality, fine texture, and within your polygon budget!
iClone 64 Plants Prop Pack
A beautiful collection of 64 low polygon 3D flowers and plants perfect for decorating your 3D worlds.
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iClone 12 Utility Vehicles Prop Pack
A fine selection of 12 mid polygon utility vehicles, including buses, trucks, ambulance, and cars for building a busy street scene.
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Realistic Tree Props for Season Change in iClone Scenes
iClone 20 Broad Leaf Trees Prop Pack
20 high polygon broad leaf trees ready to populate in the spring air or autumn hills in your iClone movie.
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Your Wishes Matter for iClone Content Release
Since May we have been releasing iClone content of character, texture, motion, accessory and prop to satisfy your demand. If you are missing anything for your iClone creation, just let us know and we will create it for you!
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iClone Review
“I found it easy to use and created basic 3D characters with motion with ease and along with the excellent tutorials, FAQs and forums available you can advance at your own pace.”
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Video Calling
Try the Skype Certified CrazyTalk for Skype and experience interactive avatar video calling with one easy click!
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CrazyTalk for Skype won Skype Developer API Contest 2006 by providing the excellent video messaging tool for Skype users.
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“If you don’t have a webcam, or if like me your webcam points to the ceiling most of the time, then take a look at CrazyTalk.”
- Lester Madden, Developer Relation Manager, Skype

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