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Siggraph Exhibitor Tech Talk
3D Real-time Filmmaking -
Machinima beyond the Game
Character Generation, Facial Animation, Scene Production
Get the most comprehensive knowledge from Reallusion and top industry leaders on iClone 1.5 and CrazyTalk 4.5, and take a fast ride on the path from previsualization to final production. Featured speakers include:
Paul Marino, Executive Director, Academy of Machinima Arts and Science
Bill Rehbock, Director of Developer Relations and Consumer Awareness, NVIDIA
John C Martin II, Director of Product Marketing, Reallusion
Ahmed Shehata, Radiant Square
James Martin, Gene Russen, Mike Centkowski, iVolution Studios
Date: Tuesday, August 1, 15:30 to 17:30
Location: Exhibit Hall A
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Reallusion Showcased at Siggraph

Come and join the action when Reallusion explores Machinima-style 3D filmmaking with the latest innovation designed for real-time 3D previsualization and production. Get the first-hand experience on the advancement of iClone and CrazyTalk that allows faster character development, facial animation, and scene production.

Date: August 1 to 3, 2006
Location: Booth 600
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Siggraph Exclusive Real-time Filmmaking Suite

Visit Reallusion Booth 600 and receive the fantastic saving for this ultra value pack including:
iClone Studio 1.5 DVD Box (worldwide debut)
CrazyTalk Media Studio 4.5 DVD Box
Super Content Pack (download version)
- 7 iClone Character Packs of College Guy, Metro Male, Basketball, T-Shirt, Kid, Young Girl, and Sport Character
- 70 iClone Motions from Mega Motion Pack - Volume I and Walking & Running Looping Motion Pack
- 101 Special Effects from CrazyTalk SFX Pack – Volume I
Discount Coupon for iClone Studio 2.0 Upgrade
Drop by Booth 600 and enjoy this exclusive offer!
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Reallusion 60 Second Siggraph Showcase
Animate a 60-second short film using iClone or CrazyTalk and submit your work to Renderosity for a chance to win a complete Reallusion prize package featuring a world premiere of your 60-second short inside the Reallusion Theatre at Siggraph!
Opens: July 5, 2006
Closes: July 24, 12:00 Noon-CST
Judging Period: July 24 to July 27
Winners Announced: Friday, July 28
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What's Showing at
Reallusion in Siggraph

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