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Reallusion at Siggraph 2006
Join Reallusion this August at Siggraph and explore Machinima-style 3D filmmaking with the latest innovation designed for real-time 3D previsualization and production. Get the first-hand experience on the advancement of iClone and CrazyTalk that allows faster character development, facial animation, and scene production. Be the first to know next-generation 3D animation powered by Reallusion.

Booth #: 600
Venue: Boston Convention & Exhibition Centre
Date: August 1 to 3, 2006
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Siggraph Exhibitor Tech Talk

Under the theme “3D Real-time Filmmaking - Machinima beyond the Game: Character Generation – Facial Animation – Scene Production”, Reallusion offers you the most comprehensive knowledge on iClone 1.5 with fast paced character generation and scene production and on CrazyTalk 4.5 featuring streamlined facial animation and lip-synch tools to bring your virtual cast to life. Experience the real-time revolution blasting Machinima beyond the game with Reallusion!

Location: Siggraph Exhibition Hall A, Boston Convention Centre
Date: Tuesday, August 1, 15:30 to 17:30

Reallusion’s User Gathering Night

Reallusion invites you to our first user gathering event during Siggraph! This is a great opportunity for our fans to meet each other, exchange expertise, and discuss your brilliant ideas with the Reallusion Team.

Let us know by email before Friday, June 30 if you are in Boston from August 1 to 3, and we will keep you posted in July on the detail of this exciting event.

See you there!

Upgrade CCD Membership and Get Advanced Training Materials
Upgrade your CCD membership today and get access to powerful developer training, tools, and plug-ins making it possible for anyone to create and sell custom content as add-on packs for iClone, CrazyTalk, and WOWScreens.

iClone Content Wish List
iCloners are sharing their requests for the next wave of iClone content. The latest results show Casual Wear, Outdoors and Plants, Talking and Speaking Motions, are on top of the most wanted iClone content. Use these results as your best reference to develop your work that satisfies users' demand in exchange for a good profit return from your creativity!
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