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Imagine a world of characters you control that breath life from the screen as your living animation digital identity. iClone is simple enough to allow everyone the ability to try on their digital double. Download the iClone free trial and import your digital photo to see how simple it is to create a 3D version of yourself or anyone from a single photograph. Enjoy the full features of iClone for 15 days and get access to easy to follow instruction on how to begin creating your own amazing character animations with iClone.

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CrazyTalk 4.1 Released
Increased Performance and Productivity Make CrazyTalk 4.1 A Must Have!

Get CrazyTalk 4.1 and enjoy its advanced features for facial animation

  • Performance enhancement provides clearer audio, efficient file size, and upgraded lip-sync.
  • Productivity bonus includes new support for the FireFox browser.
  • Directly embed CrazyTalk output into Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation - with high quality of resolution and small file size to use. Learn how

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FREE CrazyTalk for Skype 2.0 Beta Video Version

Let CrazyTalk for Skype be your personal animated avatar! Using CrazyTalk for Skype 2.0 Beta Video Version, you can hide behind your animated character and interact with buddies during Skype video calls. Make your avatar lip-sync along with whatever your say instantly! It is easy, fun, and FREE! Get CrazyTalk for Skype 2.0 Beta Video Version now and start your online video chatting with a new animated face!

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CrazyTalk for Skype 2.0 Beta Video Version requires Skype 2.0 (video version) for Windows XP.
FREE iClone 3D Screensavers
Replace your dull desktop display with iClone 3D character animation!

iClone 3D Screensaver delivers amazing 3D avatar animation right to your PC desktop. Best of all, these fantastic 3D screensavers are FREE. You can also create your own 3D screensavers using iClone's powerful animation tools. Download the free iClone 3D Screensavers now and turn your screen to a 3D animation engine!

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What the Users Said about iClone
"Honestly, it's really a cool tool to build some interesting scenes in 3D easily. Just a few steps and a couple of minutes to animate. I really enjoy it, and it's great!"
- ProtoZoalord
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iClone Community - CoolClones.com
Want cool free models for iClone? Visit the just opened iClone fan site, www.CoolClones.com. Enjoy the community of iCloners and Reallusionists discussing their favorite tip and trick with Reallusion software and sharing iClone content. CoolClones.com hosts a great forum discussion and good resources for adding content to your iClone collection.
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NVIDIA and Reallusion 3GSM World Congress
NVIDIA selects Reallusion's mobile 3D human interface, Avatargo, to introduce a new era in personalized mobile interactivity. NVIDIA and Reallusion will debut their combined technologies February 13-16th 2006 during the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Find Reallusion inside NVIDIA's booth at 3GSM.
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Mobile News
Interactive 3D WOWScreens featured on Nokia's Application of the Week for its entertaining interface that brings the best user experience.
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iClone reminds me a great deal of Bryce's Poser, but advanced to the next level. ... the learning curve is fairly gentle and even the newest beginning animator can dive right in and have fun tweaking the preset models to create and animate your own "digital you".....

By Adrien-Luc Sanders

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