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CrazyTalk 4.1 Upgrade offers users enhanced performance and increased productivity with new features and compatibility.

Elevate to the next level of facial animation with CrazyTalk 4.1. The number one product for creating amazing facial animation is now even better with new features allowing more flexible control and output. Anyone who's experienced the power of CrazyTalk 4 will enjoy the advancements in CrazyTalk 4.1 and newcomers will benefit by instantly receiving the most powerful version of CrazyTalk.

Existing Users - Free Upgrade    |    New Users - Buy Now

CrazyTalk 4.1 updates performance and features:
Web player supports FireFox web browser
Lip-sync enhancement for greater sensitivity
Better sound quality and compression for web player
Easier PowerPoint importing with MS object
Overall smaller file size output
4.1 is a free upgrade to 4.0 users

CrazyTalk 4.1:
CrazyTalk Media Studio
CrazyTalk Live
CrazyTalk Messenger
Full screen DV output for DVD projects
Timeline editor for keyframe animation
Custom Facial Expression editing tools
Background Audio & Audio morphing
Special effects (SFX) video overlay
Masking, Alpha Channel, &Chroma Key
Total features of Live and Messenger
  Best Value!    $149.96
  Plus FREE Ulead Video Studio
Create Virtual hosts for websites
Fully interactive with HTML & JScript
Streaming video output for websites
Video for mobile handsets
Includes Messenger features
Send talking e-mail
Create Animated E-Greetings
Share Instant Messengers
AVI output for VCD size video

About CrazyTalk

Welcome to the new evolution in human simulation animation. CrazyTalk 4.1 offers a wealth of features all supporting advancements never before seen in any prior CrazyTalk release. You will find that this is truly a completely new tool capable of delivering fully immersive animated talking human interfaces designed for professional digital video projects, home video production, and fully-interactive digital internet hosts. CrazyTalk is equipped for producing animated talking characters that can quickly be deployed to a variety of audiences.

Editing your CrazyTalk projects is a whole new experience with strong tools enabling complete control over every element of your talking character. The all new Timeline editor gives you access to a linear editing solution where you firmly can fine-tune the all new animation tracks featuring focused control over Voice, Face, SFX, Head movement, Shoulders, Eye movement, Lip shapes, and a second audio track for importing non-lipsynced music or other audio. Easy previewing and zoom editing make this feature a truly powerful timesaver .

CrazyTalk 4.x Key Features:

  • Facetrix®, photo-based 3D Facial Morphing Technology
  • Expressix®, Speech Animation Technology
  • Timeline editor
  • CrazyTalk content manager
  • DVD quality output
  • Web based characters
  • Mobile Friendly Output - 3GP/MPEG4
  • electronic greeting cards

Press & Reviews
"We guarantee you'll find it amazing and hysterical."
CrazyTalk is listed as one of CNET.comís
50 most popular downloads
I did want to say that I was extremely impressed--I don't normally go so far as to say so in direct e-mails, but I was very, very shocked at how easy it was to get started, and with the quality and smoothness of the results. By Adrien-Luc Sanders
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