The world's most popular photo editing tool and FaceFilter Studio combine forces at the 2004 Photoshop World expo leaving the experts in agreement that FaceFilter Studio is the best companion for Adobe Photoshop. Show Recap
AUG Sweepstakes

Congratulations to our AUG 2004 Sweepstakes winners receiving:
Reallusion Ani. Suite
R. Sherman, UK
S. Ness, USA

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August 2004 ::::

  1. CrazyTalk We

  2. FaceFilter Studio

  3. TalkingSlide


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August 2004 ::::

  1. CrazyTalk WE

  2. It'sMe SE

  3. FaceFilter Studio

FaceFilter Studio
“Slick and time-saving software. FaceFilter Studio is a very handy
tool for photo retouching projects. An awesome time saver.”

Teresa S. Backer Yellow Cat Design 2004 Photoshopworld Guru Award Winner – Photo Restoration
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